Is Ray Peterson Still Alive?

Where does Ricky Valance live?

Valance lived on the outskirts of Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca in Spain, where he performed regularly.

In 2015 he and his wife moved to Skegness, Lincolnshire..

How old is Ray Peterson?

65 years (1939–2005)Ray Peterson/Age at death

Why was the song Tell Laura I Love Her banned by the BBC?

Ricky Valance, whose controversial song Tell Laura I Love Her was briefly banned by the BBC, has died after a long battle with dementia. … The song was controversial upon release in those more conservative times, and briefly banned by the BBC because of fears it was an incitement to commit suicide.

Who is in love with Laura?

“Tell Laura I Love Her” has been a hit in 14 countries, and has sold over seven million copies. “Tell Laura I Love Her” is the tragic story of a teenage boy named Tommy who is desperately in love with a girl named Laura….Tell Laura I Love Her.”Tell Laura I Love Her”Songwriter(s)Jeff Barry, Ben RaleighProducer(s)Frank Barber6 more rows

Did Ricky Valance die?

June 12, 2020Ricky Valance/Died

What nationality was Ricky Valance?

BritishRicky Valance/Nationality

Where was Ricky Valance born?

Ynysddu, United KingdomRicky Valance/Place of birth

When did Peterson die?

January 25, 2005Ray Peterson/Date of death

Who wrote the song Tell Laura I Love Her?

Ray PetersonTell Laura I Love Her/Artists

When was Tell Laura I Love Her released?

1981Tell Laura I Love Her/Released