Question: What Happened To Big League Chew?

How many flavors of Big League Chew are there?

Big League Chew Variety, Pack of 20 (5 Flavors, 4 – 2.12 ounce bags of each flavor).

Featured Flavors: Swingin’ Sour Apple, Ground Ball Grape, Wild Pitch Watermelon, Outta’ Here Original, Curveball Cotton Candy..

Does Big League Chew have sugar?

1) Sugar: One serving of Big League Chew (eight gummy strings) contains two grams of sugar, which is almost negligible in regard to dietary health.

Is Big League Chew still sold?

[Laughs.] Big League Chew remains relatively unchanged since you made the first batch in 1979 and went to market in 1980. You’ve innovated in terms of flavor selection and today you sell gumballs in addition to the shredded gum.

Where can you buy Big League Chew?

Find our products at the following retailersAAFES.ACADEMY SPORTS + OUTDOORS.AMAZON.AM PM.ASSOCIATED FOODS.BIG LOTS.BJ’S.CIRCLE K.More items…