Question: What Nationality Is The Name Corina?

How do you pronounce Corina?

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A Romanian pop, dance singer whose album “Noi Doi” is fourth-placed in the Top Romanian 100, also an awardee of People’s choice and Music awards for fashion Model.

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Corinne Origin and Meaning Corinne is one of the names that, it might surprise you to learn, has never been off the US popularity charts. Its most popular year was 1926, when it ranked Number 249.

What does Karina mean in Arabic?

Origin. Word/name. Arabic, Hindu. Meaning. flower; innocent; pure ; well organised.

What does Corina mean in Italian?

The meaning of the name “Corina” is: “Maiden”. Categories: French Names, Greek Names, Italian Names. Used in: French speaking countries, Greek speaking countries, Italian speaking countries. Gender: Girl Names.

Is Corina a Spanish name?

Originally, the Spanish people were known only by a single name. … The name Corina is a nickname type of surname for a person that was loved by his family and friends having derived from the Spanish word “caro,” which was itself derived from the Latin word “carus,” which means beloved or dear.

What does Corinne mean in French?

Corinne is a female name, and the French or English variant of Corina, of ancient Greek origin, derived from κόρη (korē) meaning “girl, maiden”. It has become popular following the publication of Corinne, an 1808 novel by Madame de Stael.

Where is the name Corina from?

GreekCorina as a girl’s name is of Greek origin meaning “maiden”.

Is Corina a male or female name?

CorinaGenderFemaleLanguage(s)Romanian/GermanOther namesVariant form(s)Korinna, Corinna, Kora, Corri, Corinne, Corine and Coreen

What is the meaning of the name Carina?

belovedCarina as a girl’s name is pronounced ka-REEN-ah. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Carina is “beloved”. … Similar Names.

How do you spell the name Corina?

Origin and meaning of Corina Corina is a form of Corrina and is generally pronounced like “kor REE nah”. This is a variant spelling of Corinna, which is a Latin form of the Greek name Korinna, which is derived from the word “kore” (maiden).

Can you call a girl Cariño?

When you’re more than fond of somebody, you can call him or her cariño (darling), but remember – it doesn’t change its ending depending on whether the person you’re speaking to is male or female. Ven aquí, cariño. Come here, darling.

What does maiden name mean?

: the surname of a married or divorced woman prior to marriage After she divorced, she took back her maiden name.

How do you spell Coreen?

Coreen is a version of Corin (Latin): French variation of Quirinus. Coreen is also a variation of Corinna (Greek). Coreen is also used as a derivative of Corinne (Greek).

Is Carina a good name?

Carina is a perfectly nice name, recently ranking in the top 1,000 girl baby names in the United States (though popularity is declining). … One of the girls pronounced the name CAR-in-ah. The other pronounced it car-EEN-ah.